How We Do It
- Discover
- Define
- Design
- Engineer
- Prototype
- Test
- Document
- Oversee
- Deliver


How We Do It

We’re product designers and engineers. We combine the aesthetic with the functional to develop products that are pleasing to use. Our involvement is based on filling whatever product development gaps our clients need filled. We can execute design research to help define your product vision, generate and hand-off early concepts, or manage development through to production.

Helix Design takes a “team approach” to design. Our HelixOne development process uses company-wide brainstorms, design reviews, and team efforts to promote creative thinking and in-depth problem solving and design.  We invest extensively in techniques for effective communication and project management that inspire team members within Helix and without.

Helix often becomes your product’s biggest advocate. We are only successful if your product is successful, and our job is to use our 20+ years of product development experience to make that happen.


Roy Sketching